Explore the ingredients, with the spring water

Pure spring water, the origin of Togakushi nature worship,
produced by mountains over 1,200 meters above sea level.
It's very mild and soft, and brings out the best of all the ingredients.
And vegetables full of vitality, benefits from the day-night temperature difference in Togakushi,
and carefully selected Nagano ingredients such as river fish, wild game meat.
They are cooked carefully and simply, so that you can enjoy the natural flavor of the seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy French cuisine which is gentle on your mind and body.
You can also enjoy pairing with hard-to-find wines from Nagano, sake, and cider (apple sparkling wine).

Chef: Yuki Fujimoto
Supervision: Tomohiro Ogawa


While Togakushi is renowned for its soba, there are also plenty of high-quality ingredients, including Togakushi vegetables. Explore a new side of Togakushi at an affordable price. We offer reservation-only lunch courses.
*Course reservations accepted up to 3 days in advance (flexible upon consultation).


Enjoy delicious coffee brewed with Togakushi water along with homemade sweets featuring local ingredients. Stop by during breaks between shrine visits or while waiting for the bus.
*Cafe is currently closed.


Experience the serene nights of Togakushi enveloped in tranquility.
At Kyu-Chusha-Kokaido, illuminated by soft lights, we serve healthy French cuisine course with plenty of seasonal local vegetables. You can also enjoy pairing with Nagano wine and sake.
*Course reservations accepted up to 3 days in advance (flexible upon consultation).

11:30〜14:00 (Last order: 13:30) /
From ¥3,000
(Reservation possible)
14:00〜16:00 (Last order: 15:30) /
From ¥550
(Currently closed.)
18:00〜21:30 / From ¥10,000
(Reservation required. Price is flexible upon consultation)
Tuesdays and Wednesdays with irregular closures
(please check on Instagram or the official website for updates)
*All prices include tax.