Points of
Interest Nearby

Togakushi Shrine Okusha

5 minutes by car or a 30-minute walk from Kyu-Chusha-Kokaido. The Okusha path stretches 500 meters and has been preserved through the ages, lined with towering cedars over 400 years old. The surroundings are adorned with beautiful natural forests, allowing sightings of rare birds and blooming skunk cabbage in spring.

Togakushi Shrine Chusha

5 minutes on foot from Kyu-Chusha-Kokaido. Three cedar trees, each over 800 years old, stand in a perfect equilateral triangle around the main torii gate. Learn the intriguing stories associated with them on-site.

Togakushi Shrine

5 minutes by car from the Kyu-Chusha-Kokaido. Pass through the torii gate, climb 193 stone steps, and you will find the main shrine, reconstructed in the first year of the Bunkyu era (1861) (the oldest of the five Togakushi shrines). From the precincts, you can enjoy views of the Houkosha settlement and the mountain range.

(Little Bird Pond)

10 minutes on foot from Kyu-Chusha-Kokaido. A serene pond where the chirping of birds resonates in the quiet surroundings. On windless days, the water surface becomes a mirror reflecting the changing seasons of the Togakushi mountain range.

Usui Shoten grocery store

In Togakushi, where there are no convenience stores, locals frequently visit to chat and buy groceries at this shop opposite Kyu-Chusha-Kokaido.

Togakushi Campground

8 minutes by car from Kyu-Chusha-Kokaido. Located in the Myoko-Togakushi Renzan National Park, this vast field at an altitude of 1,200 meters features a beautiful river within the premises, offering views of the majestic Togakushi mountain range.