“Kayabuki Cottage” Special opening price

<"Kayabuki Cottage" Special opening price>

Thank you for your continued patronage.

"Kayabuki Cottage(Thatched-Roof Cottage)" will open on April 20th, and you can stay at the special opening price (15% off the regular price) until the end of July.

It is a standalone rental room that can accommodate up to 6 people. In principle, it is available to 6 years old or above (discounted price for 6-12 years old children). *If you are traveling with children under 6 years old, please inquire directly.

Meals are enjoyed at the restaurant on the first floor of Kyu-Chusha-Kokaido. You can enjoy an original French course using Togakushi spring water and carefully selected ingredients from Togakushi and Nagano. You can also enjoy pairing with hard-to-find Nagano wines and sake.

Please experience the life of Togakushi harmonizing with nature.
Perfect for couples, families, and friends. Enjoy a flexible stay.

Please make reservations via our website or email.

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